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HI, belwo article i found in , it look good. read and update your skills to get the job.

How to get a job in 30 Days ( Freshers / Job Search Learners ) – Day1 – How to Improve skills

Hello, Let me share few of known strategies to make you to get the job in 30 days. Let me go with step by step process to achieve the job in 30 days. I know that many job seekers are really frustrated to read long stories about job search , positive attitude , etc . so let me say the points directly so that you can able to get some benefit with this “How to get job in 30 days” course. It is completely free , you can read every day’s lessons and follow the same to win the job. Once you have achieved the job if you could able to give a comment , we will be so happy to share with other readers(it inspires job seekers !).

Don’t depend on any for your job. Depend on your knowledge , it makes you to get the job quickly. You can depend on Internet and books , so that you can quickly improve your skills. If you are having good experts network , take their help to improve your skills.  Skills always wins !


  • You should set 3  job goals.

The first goal is – set your dream job

Second goal is – if you could not able to achieve your dream job with in 6 months maximum , what is thealternative job search

Third goal is – follow the above 2 points strictly , with out fail.

  • Lets start with your Goal-1. Achieving your dream job. To get the job , you should have good skills in all areas. Subject skills , technical/non-technical skills , presentation skills , communication skills , job search skills , resume preparation skills, interview handling skill, etc. You should analyse yourself , “are you really having all these skills to get the job(which you are looking for)”. If so you can proceed for advanced job search(which i am going to explain after few lessons), if not you should understand how much skills you are having , how many more you are required to achieve the job. You should plan to improve your skills.
  • Improving skills should be regular practice. Improve your skills in a way that it not offers you the job at present , but those skills should be useful to you for life time. So learn with dedication.
  • It might be boring for you to improve your skills , as you could not able to know which skills will make you to get the job. Do your ground work to find those via internet , then try to meet some experts to get few more ideas. Analyse every idea and choose what is best to you , rather than depending blindly on some one’s idea. You are the best judge to you. The only thing is , you should take some time to analyse yourself and chose the best fit to you.
  • Improving skills should be structured. You should spend at least 2 to 4 hours to improve your skills. So you should sacrifices some of your joyful time , till you get the job. The key formula to success at job search is “Plan , Practice , Perform !”. You should plan what skills to be improved , practice those skills and perform those at interview to win the job.
  • So let us classify the skills into 2 types .
  1. Subject skills
  2. Non-subject skills

Subject skills are the skills , which are very specific to your job.

Non-Subject skills are common for job search. For e.g. resume writing skills , HR interview handling skills , presentation skills , communication skills , job search skill s, etc.

We will discuss all the skills in the coming lessons.

  • You should allocate your time to improve your subject skill and non-subject skills. How many more hours you are spending to improve the skills , that many more days early you will win the job.
  • You should analyse well about you in all the related skills for job. Score yourself out of 10 and evaluate yourself every 15 days once , till you get the job. It will improve your calibre.

5-Tips to analyse yourself

  1. Write few practice tests related to subject and evaluate yourself where you stands.
  2. Write few tests related to communication, presentation (article writing ) , soft skills , etc and evaluate your skills.
  3. Rate yourself for your resume. Ask some experts / seniors / friends to comment about your resume.
  4. Note down your strengths / weaknesses and map to your dream job.
  5. Learn more skills about how to analyse yourself and use all those.

Believe yourself that you will get the job , when you are applying the right job ! In Day-2 Lesson , we will discuss more about Resume , as it is the KEY to unlock the JOB.

Applying jobs should be regular process. You can apply jobs at free job alert .

All the best !


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